What is CryptoCoach?

Prepare for a World with Automation, Cryptocurrency & Limited Resources

Hi, I am Rich from CryptoCoach. The CryptoCoach Blog is intended to help people navigate the world’s upcoming culture change.  Today we see evidence of this change as technology continues to drive a decrease in the cost and censorship of ideas while society still clings to a structural model that operates relatively similar to the one that existed more than a century ago. We live in a time of another great renaissance where automation will replace repetitive human labor, cryptocurrencies will subvert central banking and the perceived world of unlimited resources will see actual limits.

These fundamental changes touch on the basis of all society and will drive society toward a reorganization. Without labor, resources and the ability to communicate we humans and our organizations would not and could not exist.  Therefore it is reasonable to assume that these changes will cause a radical shift in society’s current structure.

The original Renaissance occurred because these same functions of society changed.  Labor evolved from strict medieval social classes to allow anyone to participate.  The printing press enabled the unprecedented spread of ideas throughout the world opening up the ability to discover and utilize an unprecedented variety and quantity of resources.

It is impossible to know exactly how this new world will work. Understanding and knowing when to migrate to the new culture will be different for each individual.  The most important thing is that one pays attention to the changing world so they can make the best decisions for them and their family. This blog is an effort to share ideas from this new culture and be a coach for those who are willing to be proactive so they will not be left behind when change happens. It may be difficult to see now, but will quickly become apparent when one starts to learn and build their lifestyle to align with the new culture.

This is why I have called this the CryptoCoach blog.  Crypto means “concealed or secret” and my desire is to coach people to understand this new concealed culture that is developing around them before it overtakes the old culture.  This is a journey and just like any great coach, they learn with the team. No one has insight into everything and my intent is to learn with everyone as we progress on this journey into the new culture.